Evaluation services

The main type of our activity is evaluation services. We offer our clients a wide range of evaluation services, short terms of any kind of reports and also “The electronic manager” service. Our duty manager always works on weekends and holidays, so you can make the order for evaluation at any time.

We provide:

  1. Evaluation of buildings and constructions (including construction in progress)
  2. Evaluation of land
  3. Evaluation of machinery and equipment
  4. Evaluation of technological lines
  5. Evaluation of rent rate
  6. Evaluation of business
  7. Evaluation of intellectual property (patents, licenses, trademarks etc.)
  8. Evaluation of claims (including receivables)
  9. Evaluation of investment projects
  10. Evaluation of production cost
  11. Re-evaluation

The result of the analysis is provided in the form of the report with appropriate recommendations. Also in addition to aspects of the legislation the evaluation report may include:

    • The calculation of liquid value of the object (including the period of forced sale, the costs of dismantling, the preservation of the collateral, the costs of foreclosure and sale, the risk of investing in this asset class);
    • The calculation of reducing the cost of collateral during the loan period caused by the exploitation (based both on actual depreciation and real loss of value).