World Business Support Center


The company “World Business Support Center” was founded in 2004 and successfully functions on the valuation services market in accordance to the requirements of Federal Law “About the Evaluation activities in Russian Federation” from 29.07.98 and other legal acts of Russian Federation and subjects of RF on the territory of which the evaluation object is placed.

The main types of our activity are the evaluation and consulting services. Nowadays the great lack of the professional support, experienced planning and marketing is observed in the business sphere. Such trend is mostly caused by the great number of attempts to organize small or medium businesses without the necessary professional basis that has to be composed by the experienced managers and competent business consultants. Today, to create the successful and profitable business in Russia it is necessary not only to have a good idea of the innovative and demanded product but also the harmonious work of professionals in the business services sphere.

We offer you consultations on the most demanded lines in the modern business: evaluation, resource management, marketing, real estate services, business planning, brand management, construction expertise.

Our specialists have worthy resumes and are experienced enough to solve any problems for your business to satisfy the most daring and profitable original ideas.

The reliable and qualified business consultant is a solid foundation of future achievements and steady course to your success!